Who is Lucid Vision?

Who is Lucid Vision?

Lucid Vision is an intuitive psychic and developer of the Lucid Vision Oracle Deck. Known for his unique talents in divining the future with the most unique of tools including dice, playing cards, shells, and so much more. Lucid Vision is here to guide and direct you on your current path or journey.

Lucid Vision began his journey at the age of 16 when he began to learn to use the Tarot. Upon a couple of years of in depth searching and learning of the art of reading the cards, he tapped into his intuitive abilities to read much more. At the age of 17 he started to read Playing Cards, Smoke, and Flames, he as well began to learn the art of spell casting. Now today he does readings for others to guide them to where they most need to be and clarifies and questionable situations in their lives. He also is available for spell work upon request.

When you receive a reading with Lucid Vision, he can see what is currently going on and what has happened in your past. With this being said, he can also see the current path you are on and where it is leading you. Your future is rarely ever set in stone, you make your future, not the cards.

Lucid Vision learned to read many different tools including flames, smoke, tarot, oracles, lenormand, dice, dominoes, shells, and runes. The list goes on of what possible tools you can use, give them all a try!

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What people are saying...

I have been buying Crystal’s from Barry for about 6 months now the quality of his pieces are great his prices are fantastic and fast shipping is exceptional …Thank you Barry and Dan for all of your hard work in providing your customers with great service…as long as you keep selling Crystal’s I will continue to buy…💕❣

Diane Ahmed Ali

Everything I’ve ever bought from Lucidvision has been Beautiful and amazing. I’m a regular for life!!!


I just received the prettiest Howlite point, Moonstone, and Kyanite cluster everrrr. I so totally dig these pieces and am very pleased. Very few Sellers can make you so happy that you’re confident to purchase again in the future. Lucid Visions is one of them. You won’t be disappointed.

Felicia G

Amazing!!!! All crystals were more beautiful in person that I ever imagined! I purchased the Tigers Eye snowflake locket and the Lapis flower pendant. I can’t decide which one I want to wear first!!!! Thank you, Barry for bringing us amazing, beautiful crystals! ❤️❤️❤️

Amy Thompson

Lucid is awesome…. A wonderful, caring, accurate reader who really cares about his clients….


Wonderful crystals, great quality & fantastic energy! Packaged impeccably with care & attention. Highly highly recommend 💛✨


I bought two Black Tourmaline included Quartz wands from Lucid Vision not long ago and I can’t even tell you how absolutely amazing they are. From the start to this review, I will refer to everything as a completely uplifting experience. Not only was Barry knowledgeable about the exact stone I was looking for, but he was friendly. After only a few minutes in chat and I felt like I was talking to an old, trusted friend. He understood my plan, my purpose and–most importantly–my budget. He helped me pick the perfect stones and even sent me a short video on what they looked like. I was sold and once I had them paid for he sent them the following Monday. He immediately provided tracking numbers and I had them in my hands the following Friday. Perfect! I could feel the vibe of the stones before I even reached the mailbox and was no less enthralled when I had them in my hands. Barry is wonderful about answering questions, taking time to make sure you get what you want/need and nothing less than an awesome experience will be had by all who purchase from Lucid Vision! I was so inspired by Barry and his items that I can honestly say he’s got a customer for life!

Myssah Lee

Beautiful crystals….loved everyone I have purchased…These guys are amazing…thank you Barry and Dan….


I received my package today and I just wanna tell you guys that I am so satisfied and happy with My mineral stones…. love love love them ….thank you so much… One happy customer… And I will continue to purchase from you guys …Thank you again


Beautiful flourite thank you